Recrutement de 01 Directeur Pays

Localité : Sierra Leone / Freetown
Domaine : Sociologie
Niveau : Non precise

Recrutement de 01 Directeur Pays
Niveau d'études: Non précisé
Expérience: Non précisé
Expire le: 03-10-2022

Freetown, Sierra Leone
Directeur Pays – Sierra Leone

Date de début : 1 décembre 2022
Date limite des candidatures : 3 octobre 2022

Cette offre nécessite le recrutement d’un·e personne anglophone. En conséquence, elle est publiée uniquement en anglais.

Solthis is a global health NGO created 15 years ago that works for prevention and access to quality health care for all, by strengthening health systems and services in a sustainable way. We work on women’s, mothers’ and children’s health issues, and on the major pandemics, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. Solthis is a development NGO, present in West Africa with 6 country offices and which, in partnership with local actors, deploys projects including operational research, capacity building and advocacy.
Solthis applies a policy of non-discrimination in hiring based solely on the skills, experience and interpersonal skills of its candidates and does not under any circumstances base its selection criteria on notions such as gender, age, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or state of health (pathology and/or disability).
We therefore encourage all applications.
In order to carry out our project in Sierra Leone, we are looking for a: Country Director

Present in Sierra Leone since 2011, Solthis contribute to improve prevention and access to quality care by strengthening the health systems and services.
In 2022, Solthis will implement 3 projects. 2 projects focusing on improving the care of HIV-positive patients and 1 project focusing on the implementation of decentralized diagnostic approaches on childhood TB case detection at district hospital and PHC levels.
Moreover, 2022 is a year of strong development since Solthis, in addition to continuing and strengthening its actions in the areas of HIV and TB, aims to expand its areas of intervention and implement new projects on Reproductive, Maternal, New-born, Child and Adolescent Health and on Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights based on the expertise that the organisation has developed in its other intervention countries and its knowledge of the Sierra Leone context.

The Country Director is responsible for coordinating the strategic, programmatic and operational management of Solthis in the country of intervention, in line with the mission and strategic orientations of the association. He/she assumes strategic responsibilities including the definition of the intervention strategy, the development of new projects, the representation with the authorities and actors of the sector, the management of contracts and links with donors, the management of human resources, the management of security, and the administrative and financial supervision of the country office.

Definition of Solthis’ strategy in its country of intervention.
Analysis of needs, national strategies and opportunities for intervention by Solthis’ intervention themes.
Dialogue with its country team and with the headquarters team.
Development of new projects.
Ensures a constant and proactive monitoring of the funding opportunities disseminated locally.
Analyse the relevance & feasibility in relation to the national context.
Implementation and monitoring of projects and technical assistance.
Ensures the proper implementation of all projects in the country.
Validates the major deliverables produced by the project teams.
Coordinate external audits of projects implemented in the country.
Quarterly and annual project reviews and reporting.
Ensures the implementation of project M&E plans.
Contractualisation with donors and implementing partners.
Advocacy / Capitalisation / Communication on projects.
Partnerships, representation and institutional communication.
Ensures institutional representation to the authorities and other cooperation actors.
Leads the mission’s institutional communication, in conjunction with the Communication Department at headquarters, and relays the association’s institutional communication.
Human resources management.
Management of direct team members reports (line management).
Ensuring the proper management of human resources, in conjunction with the RAF and the HRD.
Security analysis and management.
Administrative, legal and financial follow-up.
Coordinate the construction of new budgets in response to calls for projects.
Holds banking powers.
Promotes an ethical approach to project resource management.
Supervises the conditions of use of programme materials.
Ensures respect for living spaces and capital goods.
Ensures knowledge of and compliance with Solthis administrative and financial procedures.


Initial training:
You have a 4/5 year degree in a relevant field (social sciences, political sciences, development) or are a graduate of a business school, bioforce (…) training in public health is a plus.
You must have at least 5 years’ experience in coordinating projects in the health sector with institutional funding. Ideally you have a previous and successful experience in a similar job.

Qualities & Skills:
Mastery of health project management is compulsory as well as all project development skills (prospecting for donors, project design, project writing)
You have proven skills in representation, dialogue and advocacy with the authorities.
You have a background in management of institutional funding and budget steering
You communicate in English with ease, both orally and in writing, and are known for your listening skills and diplomacy.
French speaking is a plus.

Other: You have a very good command of the office pack (finance management purpose)

This position is opened under national or international status.
Conditions vary according to the contractual status and the previous experience on a similar position.

Composition of the file: CV, letter of application and 3 references (former managers)

Procedure: Successful candidates will be contacted for an HR interview and technical validation
Please note. Any application submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

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