Localité : République Centrafricaine / Bangui
Domaine : Informatique
Niveau : Non precise
Entreprise recruteur : Organisation des Nations Unies (ONU)

Niveau d'études: Non précisé
Expérience: 6 ans
Expire le: 18-09-2022

ONU Carrière
vacance de poste

Intitulé code d’emploi : Assistant aux systèmes informatiques
Département / Bureau : Mission multidimensionnelle intégrée des Nations Unies pour la stabilisation en République centrafricaine
Lieu d'affectation : BANGUI
Période de candidature : - 18 septembre 2022
No de l’appel á candidature : 22-Information Management Systems-MINUSCA-188609-R-Bangui (M)
Staffing Exercise N/A

Valeurs fondamentales de l'ONU : intégrité, professionnalisme, respect de la diversité

Cadre organisationnel
This position is located in the in the Field Technology Services (FTS) of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA), duty station Bangui. The Information System Assistant will report to the Information Systems Officer.

Within delegated authority, the Information Systems Assistant may be responsible for the following duties:

• Under direction of the supervisor, works as part of a team in the planning, specification, design, development, implementation and support of computer application systems and programs using UN established standards for IS technologies, programming languages and tools.
• Assists with the monitoring and expedition of computer application systems development projects; provides input for the development of standard terms of reference; serves as part of the team related to various project implementations in the Mission.
• Maintains functional specifications for computer application systems, programs and procedures; assists in ongoing reviews with users and developers; liaises with users to define and specify requirements; assists with version management, data recovery and deployment to user offices.
• Implements and maintains security controls for various applications; ensures that security controls in place are monitored and enforced; assists with the maintenance of accurate access control lists including rights and privileges.
• Supports Data Recovery/Business Continuity software applications and systems.
• Provides input for the preparation of various technical and user documentation for deployed computer application systems, training materials and may conduct technical presentations; assists with the drafting of correspondence and communications, including work plan revisions, as well as unit contributions for a variety of periodic reports.
• Keeps abreast of developments in the field; implements benchmarking procedures and provides input for final decisions on new acquisitions.

• Provides full range of technical assistance in the area of server operations and administration;
• Installs, configures, tests and deploys server systems hardware and software, to include Local Area Network infrastructure, Operating Systems (Unix, Linux, Mac OS), Electronic mail, Lotus Notes, Citrix, Database systems, Web Development software, Firewall systems, Network Services Server systems (DNS, DHCP, NFS, CIFS/SMB, mail relay, and various security software.
• Provides the administration, operation, technical support, and monitoring of server systems; undertakes complex trouble shooting of server systems.
• Works with other Units within the Service to maintain optimal 24/7 operations for the server systems operations.
• Provides input to identify the need for new systems or re-engineering of the existing systems.
• Responds to requests from user offices and assists in deploying/configuring systems so as to conform to infrastructure standards; implements Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BC) and backup services following standard procedures.
• Participates in the security incident response activities; assists in the implementation, operation and maintenance of security controls; performs regular vulnerability assessments of production systems to identify weaknesses as well as to determine the need for updating systems with fixes and patches.
• Assists with the drafting of documentation and reports.

• Assists with the implementation of network projects in accordance with Mission requirements and applicable UN policies and standards.
• Assists with the review of network configuration to ensure maximum efficiency and optimal usage of resources.
• Supports the management of network backup and security enforcement policies.
• Assists other personnel and/or contractors assigned to the Network Administration Unit.
• Works as part of the team to ensure the integrity of the various internetwork connections within the missions Intra- and Extranets.
• Assists with the implementation of new and emerging technologies for voice, video, and data integration.
• Operates and maintains the various implemented Data Security projects with emphasis in network security, monitoring, resourcing, and other UN standard technologies.
• Ensures the proper administration of access control lists including rights and privileges; participates in the security incident response activities.
• Participates in planning, implementing, operating and maintaining security controls; performs regular vulnerability assessments of production systems to identify weaknesses to bring to the attention of supervisors.
• Participates in all network implementations.
• Assists with the drafting of documentation and reports.

• Works as part of a team of service coordination staff.
• Assists with the receipt and logging of service requests in the automated request management system.
• Assists with tasks related to scheduled service requests, including equipment replacement, equipment installation/de-installation, software installation, LAN connection, returns to stock, site surveys, etc.
• Assists with the provision of basic training to end-users on the use of standard systems and applications.
• Provides input into the eventual drafts for end-user and/or technical documentation.
• Logs all actions in the automated tracking system, including site survey information, steps taken to resolve problems or to complete tasks, problems encountered, current status, escalation status, and other related metrics.
• Escalates problems/tasks to the appropriate parties in accordance with established procedures; monitors problems to resolution; detects problem patterns and consults with supervisor to recommend solutions.
• Assists with quality assurance procedures to ensure client satisfaction.
• Keeps abreast of developments in information systems and technology in order to make recommendations to supervisors.
• Serves as a team member for various special projects within CITS.
• Performs other related duties as required. ICT Security/ DRBC:
• Works as part of the team responsible for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan implemented by the Mission.
• Assists with the implementation and testing of DRBC plans, and works within various teams related to DRBC management.
• Installs, operates and maintains multi-user information security systems including firewalls, malware detection/prevention systems, intrusion detection/prevention, network access controls, proxy servers, VPN, encryption, URL and content filtering systems in accordance with organisational technology security standards.
• Provides input for other CITS Units to determine security requirements and integration of these requirements in system design and operations.
• Maintains security procedures, including user identification and access control processes to specific CITS resources and data.
• Acts upon all security incidents and violations, including reporting them immediately to the CITS Security Coordinator; participates in incidents management activities.
• Assists with the regular security assessments of production CITS resources to identify potential weaknesses for referral to supervisors; performs risk analysis and provides data for further analysis by supervisors.
• Maintains the scheduled updates for CITS systems with fixes and patches.

COMMON DUTIES: Other duties and responsibilities common to the specialties above include, but are not limited to:
• Providing general assistance across the various fields of ICT support services in the Mission.
• Being part of cross-functional teams within CITS in order to assist with ICT related projects.
• Performs other related duties as required.

•Professionalism: Knowledge of information technology and applications, including computer system networks. Good technical skills, ability to conduct large scale network design, deployment and maintenance, network firewall deployment and maintenance, VoIP deployment and maintenance, provide network support services onsite and remotely, user support, implement and maintain Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity systems, and information systems security and control, be able to identify and use available tools to run vulnerability assessment and make recommendations, good knowledge of client relation management tool to ensure SLA compliance. Shows pride in work and in achievements; demonstrates professional competence and mastery of subject matter; is conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines and achieving results; is motivated by professional rather than personal concerns; shows persistence when faced with difficult problems or challenges; remains calm in stressful situations. Commitment to implementing the goal of gender equality by ensuring the equal participation and full involvement of women and men in all aspects of work.

Teamwork: Works collaboratively with colleagues to achieve organizational goals. Solicits input by genuinely valuing others’ ideas and expertise; is willing to learn from others. Places team agenda before personal agenda. Supports and acts in accordance with final group decision, even when such decisions may not entirely reflect own position. Shares credit for team accomplishments and accepts joint responsibility for team shortcomings.

Technological awareness: Keeps abreast of available technology. Understands applicability and limitations of technology to the work of the office. Actively seeks to apply technology to appropriate tasks. Shows willingness to learn new technology.

High school diploma or equivalent is required.

Job - Specific Qualification
Checkpoint and CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) certificates are desirable.

ITIL ((Information Technology Infrastructure Library) Foundation Certification is desirable.

Expérience professionnelle
At least six (06) years of relevant work experience in the planning and installation of complex Information Systems, equipment, and networks, including at least three (3) years of experience at the international level are required.

Experience providing ICT Operational support related to network design, installation and commissioning in enterprise environment in a field operation of the United Nations common system or comparable international organization is desirable.

Experience in the field of information systems or related area in a conflict or post-conflict setting is desirable.

Connaissances linguistiques
English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. Fluency in English (both oral and written) is required; knowledge of French is desirable.

Méthode d'évaluation
Evaluation of qualified candidates may include an assessment exercise which may be followed by competency-based interview.

Notice spéciale
Staff members are subject to the authority of the Secretary-General and to assignment by him or her. In this context, all staff are expected to move periodically to new functions in their careers in accordance with established rules and procedures.

The United Nations Secretariat is committed to achieving 50/50 gender balance and geographical diversity in its staff. Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for this position.

Charte des Nations Unies
Aux termes du paragraphe 3 de l’Article 101 de la Charte des Nations Unies, la considération dominante dans le recrutement du personnel doit être la nécessité d’assurer à l’Organisation les services de personnes possédant les plus hautes qualités de travail, de compétence et d’intégrité. Ne seront pas retenues les candidatures des personnes qui ont commis des violations du droit international des droits de l’homme, des violations du droit international humanitaire, des actes d’exploitation, d’atteintes ou de harcèlement sexuels, ou au sujet desquelles il existe des raisons plausibles de croire qu’elles ont été impliquées dans la commission de tels actes. L’expression « exploitation sexuelle » désigne le fait d’abuser ou de tenter d’abuser d’un état de vulnérabilité, d’un rapport de force inégal ou de rapports de confiance à des fins sexuelles, y compris mais non exclusivement en vue d’en tirer un avantage pécuniaire, social ou politique. On entend par « atteinte sexuelle » toute atteinte physique de nature sexuelle commise par la force, sous la contrainte ou à la faveur d’un rapport inégal, ou la menace d’une telle atteinte. Le harcèlement sexuel s'entend de tout comportement déplacé à connotation sexuelle raisonnablement propre ou de nature à choquer ou humilier, lorsqu'il entrave la bonne marche du service, est présenté comme une condition d'emploi ou crée au lieu de travail un climat d'intimidation, d'hostilité ou de vexation, et lorsque ce comportement est assez grave pour justifier le licenciement de son auteur. La candidature de personnes qui ont commis des infractions autres que des infractions mineures au code de la route ne sera pas retenue.

Sera dûment prise en considération l'importance d'un recrutement effectué sur une base géographique aussi large que possible. Aucune restriction ne sera imposée par l'Organisation à l'accès des hommes et des femmes, dans des conditions égales, à toutes les fonctions, dans ses organes principaux et subsidiaires. Le Secrétariat de l'Organisation des Nations Unies est un espace non-fumeurs.

La considération dominante dans l’engagement, la mutation ou la promotion du personnel est la nécessité de s’assurer les services de personnes possédant les plus hautes qualités de travail, de compétence et d’intégrité. En acceptant une offre d’engagement, les membres du personnel sont soumis(es) à l’autorité du Secrétaire général, qui peut leur assigner l’une quelconque des tâches ou l’un quelconque des postes de l’Organisation des Nations Unies, conformément à l’alinéa c) de l’article 1.2 du Statut du personnel. Dans ce contexte, tous les membres du personnel recrutés sur le plan international sont tenus de changer de fonctions périodiquement à l’intérieur d’un même lieu d’affectation ou dans un autre lieu d’affectation, dans les conditions fixées par le Secrétaire général.

Les candidats sont invités à respecter scrupuleusement toutes les instructions disponibles sur la plateforme de recrutement en ligne Inspira. Pour des informations plus détaillées, ils ou elles peuvent consulter le manuel d'instructions pour le candidat, en cliquant sur le lien hypertexte « Manuels » sur le côté supérieur droit de la page d'accueil de leur compte Inspira.

Les candidatures feront l'objet d'une évaluation et d'un examen préalables sur la base des informations soumises conformément aux critères d'évaluation de l'avis de vacance de poste et aux dispositions législatives internes applicables de l'Organisation des Nations Unies, notamment la Charte des Nations Unies, les résolutions de l'Assemblée générale, le Statut et le Règlement du personnel, les textes administratives et les directives. Les candidats doivent fournir des informations exhaustives et précises conformément aux instructions fournies sur la plateforme Inspira. Une fois la candidature envoyée, aucune modification, suppression ou révision, ni aucun ajout ou changement ne pourra être fait. Il sera procédé à une vérification des références des candidats faisant l'objet d'une attention particulière pour s'assurer de l'exactitude des renseignements qu’ils ont fournis dans leur candidature.

Les avis de vacance de postes publiés sur le Portail des carrières sont retirés à 11:59 p.m. (heure de New York), le jour de la date limite de dépôt des candidatures.

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