Recrutement de 01 Project Logistics Manager - M/F

Localité : Cameroun / Douala
Domaine : Transport et Logistique
Niveau : Non precise
Entreprise recruteur : CONSORTIUM ALIMA

Recrutement de 01 Project Logistics Manager - M/F
Niveau d'études: Non précisé
Expérience: 4 ans
Expire le: 22-11-2022

Bamenda, Cameroon
Humanitaire (ONG, Associations, ...), Projet/programme de développement
Project Logistics Manager - Bamenda - Cameroon - M/F


Four years after the unilateral declaration of independence pronounced by Cameroonian separatists, the anglophone crisis in Cameroon’s Northwest and Southwest regions (NWSW) is experiencing volatile and unpredictable dynamics.

Since the outbreak of the conflict in October 2017, the attacks against the governmental forces have multiplied and have become also more and more complex. This has been highlighted by the strategies and means used by the belligerents (more elaborated IED, RPG, among others). Furthermore, there has been a gradual fragmentation of the security landscape, leading to more and more clashes between the different factions of the separatist groups.

As for the Lebialem Division, which is located in the Southwest region, it is controlled by a single group, the Red Dragons of Lebialem. If we look at the security incidents reported by INSO from January 14 to March 24, 2022, out of 275 incidents reported in the two English-speaking regions, there were 78 reported in the Southwest (28.4%), of which only one was in the Lebialem Division (0.4%). ALIMA and DEMTOU Humanitaire believe that the NSAG’s control of the area, which led to the exodus of a large number of State representatives, could justify this relatively low number of security incidents.

Since 2017, the crisis affecting the NWSW regions of Cameroon has significantly disrupted the health system in these regions. The crisis has impacted basic social services including health and education

Overall, access to beneficiaries remains very limited in the Southwest region, and in the Lebialem Division more particularly, due to high insecurity, recurrent lockdowns, ghost towns and to the closure of certain roads for both short and long periods of time. Besides, humanitarian workers and humanitarian activities as well as basic infrastructure (such as schools and health centers) have become targets for the NSAG’s attacks. Nonetheless, given the fact that the Lebialem Division is currently under the control of only the Red Dragons of Lebialem, negotiations for humanitarian access might be easier to maintain than in other divisions of the SW, where several armed groups are operating.

In the North West (NW), ALIMA intends to implement a project with two interventions: a short-term emergency intervention and a COVID 19 response and mitigation. Whereas the exploratory mission will help the organization understand the exact medical needs of the population on the ground, the second one will aim at strengthening strategies in addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. The activities in the NW shall include training of health care workers as well as mitigating the affected population’s access to primary health care, obstetric & gynecological, pediatrics and nutritional interventions. The project targets Internally Displaced Persons, the host community and other population at risk.


Level 3: The incumbent will have contact with children or/and vulnerable adults either frequently (for example, once a week or more), or regularly (e.g., four days in a month or more or overnight) because he or she works in national programs, or because he visits national programs, or because he is responsible for implementing the recruitment process. Therefore, a criminal record check or the presentation of a certificate of good life and manners will be required. In situations where the impossibility of providing a criminal record or a certificate of good life and manners is found, a statement of honor will be requested.

Mission Location: Bamenda, Cameroon

Management lines:
- Reports to (Direct): Project Coordinator

- Reports to (Functional): Logistics Coordinator

- Staff Reporting to him: Assistant Supply Manager, Stockkeeper and Security Guards

S/He collaborates with others technical departments of the mission.


Define objectives and analyze logistics management data

a. Data reports

· Consolidate and report all logistics management data;

· Write a monthly logistics management report to Project Coordinator/Logistics Coordinator;

· Organize archiving of all documentation related to logistics.

b. Specific objectives

· Identify all partners in the work environment: local authorities, provider, NGOs, UN agencies…in collaboration with PC (Project Manager);

· Participate eventually in assessment, in order to open projects: To define the need to carry out the assessment (transportation, communications mean, …);

· Participate in project management discussion: balance making, to define news goals.


· Elaborate, define and monitor technical aspects of the risk reduction policy, transport, communication, protection, identification and preparation of the technical aspects of the mission security policy and guidelines, evacuation plan and contingency plan, performing day to day monitoring security rules observation and reporting of any problem to the PC. For this purpose, the Logistics Manager will have to create an appropriate environment to facilitate exchange of information on security situation and will be the security back up in the absence of the PC;

· Develop or improve tool to design a risks analysis report and update the different SOPs (base, coordination and mission);

· Collect and compile all useful and right information from his/her network, then to share timely within the mission or with dedicated staff;

· Establish good communication means in the Mission (including numbers & frequencies), allowing permanent communication between capital, projects, bases and HQ;

· Procure to all staff in the Mission a welcome briefing on security SOPs and offer proper training on some topics like on how to use communications equipment (e.g., satellite phones, HF/VHF radios, computers, etc.), what to do in case of fire alert or attack from terrorists;

· Ensure the setup of security measures and their application by all ALIMA staff in Bamenda Project.

Support to program implementation

· In collaboration with the Program Manager, explore and prioritize the needs to define water sanitation and Hygiene needs;

· Supervise waste management on sites: waste segregation and treatment, waste treatment structure rehabilitation;

· Implement all safety measures in medical waste treatment;

· Implement measures to protect office and guesthouse: quality of electrical system, fire extinguisher, etc.

· Provide and ensure that communication means work correctly;

· Supervise all rehabilitation or constructions validated with the Program Manager;

· Organize patient referral to hospital once decided by the medical team;

· Organize all maintenance: structures and equipment in general.

Stock Management

· Follow stock management implementation tools;

· Propose for validation the technical aspect of storage;

· Collect and control all inventories of item in storage;

· Follow consumption rates related to consumable like chlorine, stationeries, fuels, etc.

· Ensure the quality in storage management: tools implementation and use, storage environment;

· Be sure that transportation follow up tools are perfectly used: way bill, reception/delivery forms, etc.

· Follow up on all donation validated by the coordination: logistics organization, documentation archiving, etc.

Procurement Management

· Ensure all procurement procedures on the project level;

· Collect all orders of need and organize the treatment by priorities;

· Validate quotations and BoQ for rehabilitation or Construction;

· Follow and communicate all expected time for orders treatment;

· Keep partner relationship with providers;

· Provide information and documentation to the Assistant Supply Manager.

Fleet management if rental car

· Ensure fuel and maintenance follow up sheet;

· Control and validate the sheet of rental vehicle use.

If ALIMA Vehicles

· Organize spares parts and fuel storage.

In general

· Plan daily or weekly base car use;

· Implement and control all the logbook and other specifics document.

Office and Guesthouse

· Improve living conditions in guesthouse: equipment, small maintenances, safety measures, etc.

· Provide the needs defined for the Guesthouse and Office.

Security management

· Support the PC by implementing risk reduction measure;

· Train all staff about security and safety measure.

Support and Training

· Be able to support technically the logistics team;

· Organize training in order to reinforce team work;

· Identify the eventual gaps in the team and be able to propose technical and operational change.

Implementation of Preventive Measures against Abuse of Power, Gender-based and Sexual Violence

· Participate in training and awareness sessions;

· Apply standards relating to the prevention of abuse;

· Ensure that his/her team members follow training and awareness sessions and apply standards relating to the prevention of abuse;

· Contribute to creating and maintaining a fulfilling and protective environment.

· Essential Degree/diploma: Degree and specialization in Humanitarian Logistics

· Medical logistics knowledge (biomed equipment, wash, etc..) will be considered as an asset

· Minimum of 4 years of demonstrable relevant logistics experience

· Working experience at management positions is essential

· Working experience with International medical NGO, an asset

· Fluency in English

· Strong interpersonal skills, teamwork

· Strong communication skills

· Negotiation skills

Contract term: contract under French law, 6 months’ renewable, depending on the availability of funding

Starting position: ASAP

Salary: according to ALIMA salary grid + valuation of experience + PerDiem

ALIMA supports:
- Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location

- Accommodation costs

- Medical coverage from the first day of the contract to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee

- Evacuation for the employee

To apply, please send your CV and Cover Letter on our job page.

N.B: Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the term initially indicated, if a good application is successful.

Only full applications (CV + cover letter) will be considered. Only accepted applications will be contacted.

Female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

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